October 1, 2010

A More User Friendly Option?

a.etsy.new.layout2, originally uploaded by Fairy Garden.
I find this user-created idea of the layout to be the most shopper-friendly look yet.
Ok, so the Etsy team's been very busy working on revamping the shop and listings layouts. I'm sure you've noticed yourself; some of the changes I actually think are kind of neat, such as the new, super-large versions of item photos.

However, I don't feel the same about the new shop front at all. The new format of listing the items just looks too plain to me, with the descriptions listed vertically, and a tiny thumbnail of the item on the left. The eye is drawn not to the item photo as it should be, but to the number of times the item has been viewed. It's just awkward looking. How can the shop front look as cohesive as it might have previously? Before, you could incorporate similar colors in your photos' backgrounds and match them to your banner, et voila; a very nice looking shop! But now, I'm afraid that since the photos are so tiny and stand out so little, that idea won't really have the same effect.

Personally, I hope they poll us on the new layouts. I've been browsing the forums, and this topic is getting a lot of attention. People are split on the matter, but very passionate nonetheless. What do you think?

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