October 3, 2010

There was a cloud in my house today

Ok, so in my last post I gushed about the arrival of fall weather. When I wrote that, I had forgotten how much it rains around here in early fall. Like, a lot. It looked like the setting of an English novel out there today. Plus I've been alone pretty much all day, so there's been this overwhelmingly  lethargic feeling in the house. Even the cat is being kind of mellow, which is extremely out of character for him. The point is, I got very little done, unless you count listening to a lot of NPR and The Flaming Lips as getting stuff done, which most people don't. I ate very little, and then this evening I tried to make chocolate chip meringues. The batter must have somehow known today's theme, because it came out very soupy. I gave up.

But most importantly, I made nothing today. Every time I sat down at my little craft table, I felt unwelcome there. The room was too dim, too cold, or too stuffy, so I had to leave. Is there something wrong with me? How could I spend the entire day doing so little?

Logically, I know there's nothing really wrong with me. Everyone has blah days, but I hate feeling like I've lost the battle. Because in the end, I think I did. I could have overcome the mood and seized the day, and maybe then I'd have something interesting to talk about with you. But, alas. So I'll end with a question. What do you do to get out of the foggy, do-nothing kind of mood? What are your best tips? I'm very interested.

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  1. Living in Portland means a constant battle with this type of day, at least the rainy, blah-feeling part of it. I think these occasional days of non-productivity are really essential to creativity, though. Sometimes it's best just to go with it!