October 4, 2010

Tuesday = 10 Wonderful Things!

I am a big believer in the importance of a tradition or two. A tradition can help you feel grounded and calm when maybe everything else in your life isn't going too smoothly. While I don't know if coming up with 10 things I love every Tuesday is going to help you (although I really hope it does!), I know myself and I know that I need routines. And with that, my esteemed friends, I give you:

In no particular order:

2. The whale shark is my number one, all time favorite animal.
I think large marine animals are awesome.

3. Being kind of dumb is wonderful, every once in a while. 
Or more often, if you happen to be me.

4. My brother. He's wonderful (my dad is too).
I'm very excited to see him next week. He's in the army, and he has
just a little bit of time here before he has to go to Germany.

5. Bluuuueeberries! I cannot be trusted around them; they are
too wonderful.

6. The Magnetic Fields are my favorite band.

7. Snow is super wonderful. I wish it snowed more here, we're lucky if
we get a few days of it.

8. France is wonderful. I've been taking French classes for about 4 years now,
and I plan on going back someday. 

9. I think it's wonderful to be organized! I had pretty bad ADD growing up,
and within the last few years I've worked really hard to build routines and stick
to them, and to organize my life and my time. It's actually really helpful.

10. Ok, this one is the most wonderful. This is my boyfriend.
I think Clay is pretty wonderful. The skip in my step, so to speak.
Today's actually 9 months for us.


And that about does her! Today's picks were kind of like an ice breaker between you and me; I just focused on the basic things that I think tell a lot about me. Unfortunately, we learned more about me here than you, but hopefully you'll comment on this and tell me some things you think are wonderful, too.What do you think is wonderful?


  1. I agree, cooking is wonderful!

    so is snow.. although being in alberta I'm usually pretty tired of it by April

  2. Wow. As much as I love snow, I'd probably get tired of that much of it as well!

    What I really dislike about winter I live is the dampness. Even if it's really cold, it's like a soggy, wet shoes, bone-aching kind of cold.